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Karate May Just Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Your Child!

                                               Self Confidence

It doesn't matter what age or grade your child is,

or if you have a son or daughter. 

It doesn't matter if they are brimming

with self-confidence or shy and quiet.

It doesn't matter if they're star athletes

or always in front of a screen.


The Great Thing about Karate is everyone participates,

all the time. There is no bench or second team.

No one is keeping score - there is no score.

As long as your child shows up, participates and tries hard everyone advances at their own pace - and everyone wins.


Lakeland Karate's family-oriented, supportive & inclusive atmosphere will be perfect for your child.

If you're searching for a sport that builds confidence

instead of winners or losers

Karate is the perfect choice.  



Lakeland Karate, Denville, Morris County NJ kids classes
Children classes Lakeland Karate Denville Morris County NJ karate dojo
Focus, Discipline, Dedication,  Respect, Team Work.


Lakeland Karate practices a whole-mind, whole-body teaching philosophy that engrains in our students qualities like focus, discipline, dedication and respect - qualities which are easily transferred to the home, classroom and other social situations. 


At Lakeland Karate we run a tight ship: strict but fair, hard-working but fun. Your child will soon learn that they'll get out what they put in; there are no automatic advancments at Lakeland Karate.


Unlike some other karate schools we won't make outrageous claims that our dojo will change your child's life. Only you can do that.


Your child will know what is expected of him, be rewarded for his hard work and will always be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.


That's what you can expect from us,

and that is what we expect of your child.

Physical Fitness,
Self-Defense, Anti-Bullying.


Weight gain and lack of exercise isn't just an adult problem anymore.


If your child is pending too much time inside staring at a screen or playing video games,

karate is the perfect antidote.


Lakeland Karate has a children program designed to be fun.

A mix of sparring and games make learning and

physical fitness seem like,

well child's play!

Your child will literally get a jump on becoming physically fit

while learning valuable

self-defense and

anti-bullying techniques.

Lakeland Karate martial arts Denville, Morris County, NJ
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