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Meet New Friends. Get In Shape. Lose Weight. Kick Butt. 

Maybe Karate Is Better Than..... 


Well, we wouldn't go that far, but here are a few reasons why

Lakeland Karate might be the best answer to what many adults need:

Karate for weight loss, Denville, NJ.
Lose Pounds & Inches....



Karate for self-defense, Morris County, NJ.
... While You Learn Valuable
Self-Defense Moves...



Karate for strength, balance and coordination.
.... That Increase Strength,
Balance & Coordination.



When you join an adult class at Lakeland Isshinhryu Karate

you'll find the people you'll meet are as varied and as interesting as the reasons they joined.


  • You may meet a women who wanted an interesting and exciting way to get back in shape.

  • Or a young man who needed a way to get motivated about finally losing weight.

  • Maybe a young women concerned about protecting herself and learning self-defense.

  • The older couple who are concerned about maintaining their strength, balance and coordination.

  • Or someone who needs the self-confidence knowing they're able to defend themselves and their family should the need arise.


The one common denominator is all of your fellow students have found there isn't a better way to combine weight lose, physical fitness and a practical life-skill like self defense training in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment like Lakeland Isshinhryu Karate.



We also offer Tai Chi and Qigong Classes for those who are primarily interested in reducing stress, increasing flexibility and balance, relieving muscle and joint pain and partaking in a low-impact, relaxing yet beneficial exercise program proven through centuries of use.




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